Biden’s clean-energy initiatives are total winners with the public and central to his jobs plan


Fresh polling released Thursday from Navigator Research shows that fricking 78% of registered voters agree with the statement, “America should make significant investments in clean energy as part of our efforts to rebuild the economy.” That even gets majority support from GOP voters. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Democrats: 98% agree
  • Independents: 87% agree
  • Republicans: 55% agree

Even as the questioning grows more specific and Biden’s name is attached to several clean-energy initiatives within his jobs plan, nearly 70% still express support for the climate proposals.

The exact question asks, “As you may know, President Biden has proposed including a number of climate-related initiatives in the ‘American Jobs Plan,’ such as investing in clean energy, like wind energy and solar power, modernizing our electric grid, increasing electric vehicle production, and ensuring everyone has access to clean air and water. Do you support or oppose including these policies in the ‘American Jobs Plan’?”

Overall, 69% of registered voters said they supported the policies, including 95% of Democrats, 76% of independents, and 39% of Republicans.

This is what’s known as overwhelming public support. The drop among Republicans was predictable as soon as Biden’s name was inserted into the mix. Nonetheless, nearly 40% of GOP voters still support the initiatives.  

The favorable views of Biden’s clean-energy initiatives are a clear reflection of another finding from the poll: 67% of voters view climate change as a serious problem for Americans “today,” and another 70% believe climate change will be a serious problem for their children and future generations of their family.

Voters also seem aware that their views on climate change are shifting into a more urgent phase. When asked if they’ve become more or less supportive of transitioning to cleaner energy sources “over the last few years” or if their opinion hadn’t changed, 68% said they had become more supportive, including 87% of Democrats, 70% of independents, and 45% of Republicans.

Biden’s clean-energy initiatives are another example of how provisions within his plan tend to poll better than the overall plan. The survey found 55% support for Biden’s American Jobs Plan, with just 23% opposition. That leaves room to grow support for the entire measure among almost a quarter of the electorate.

Democrats should clearly be talking about the individual provisions of their choosing, because most of them poll at least as good—but often better—than the overall plan does. People like these policies and support for the overall plan will likely rise the more people understand what it entails.



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