Drake’s Private Dinner Date at Dodger Stadium Is a Total Home Run – E! Online


Drake is truly stepping up to the plate when it comes to his dating game.
The 34-year-old rapper was spotted by ABC7 helicopter reporter Chris Cristi on July 8 having an extraordinarily—and very baller—romantic evening. The self-proclaimed champagne papi, who has proven that he has a penchant for opulent events, took it upon himself to set up a dinner date on the empty field at Dodger Stadium and the evening looked like it was a total home run.
And if you’re curious to know about his companion for the evening, according to TMZ, the rapper was courting model Johanna Leia. Interestingly, Johanna is also the mom of UCLA commit and high school basketball standout, Amari Bailey. Currently ranked as third on the ESPN 100 list, Amari plays ball with Bronny James, whose dad is Drake’s close friend, LeBron James. Perhaps you’ve heard of him? 
As far as how the actual set-up went, not only were there multiple delicious dishes adorned with floral bouquets—but the couple seemed to have their own personal bartender in attendance too.

Credit: www.eonline.com


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