Fox News guest blames mass shootings on mass vaccinations, because sure, why not?


From NBC News:

A public transit employee opened fire on co-workers at a Northern California rail yard on Wednesday, killing more than a half-dozen people before taking his own life, authorities said.

Calls of shots fired came about 6:34 a.m. PT near 100 W. Younger Ave. in downtown San Jose, drawing a large law enforcement response, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said.

“There are multiple injuries and multiple fatalities in this case,” sheriff’s Deputy Russell Davis told reporters at the scene. “The suspect is confirmed deceased.”

I know it’s been a long time since the pandemic forced us all into our little Saddam Hussein spiderholes, and I know my memory isn’t what is used to be, but I seem to recall these sorts of things happening fairly frequently before COVID-19. I remember that time a guy killed 59 people and injured around 500 others from his Las Vegas hotel room during the elysian law-and-order reign of Donald J. Trump, and gun violence has been on the rise for over a year.

But sure, let’s give the mass shooter the benefit of the doubt and assume he saw this namby-pamby Biden regime coming and wanted to beat the rush. That’s the only kind of explanation these people seem willing to accept.

Fox News’ Harris Faulkner invited retired New York Police detective Pat Brosnan, a regular Fox guest who previously tied a rise in crime in Minneapolis to police reform efforts, on her show this morning, and boy did he sound like an ass.




BROSNAN: In a rational world where there’s adherence to the rule of law and respect for law enforcement, say pre-the summer of love of 2020, I think there would be more nuanced response in terms of opening a shooting, an active shooting, right next door to where there’s a load of armed professional shooters under law enforcement. But the rules have changed. You know, crimes are no longer illegal, there’s no longer an enforcement of lots of laws, and there’s an empowerment of these active shooters. And you know, Harris, this is a time that I wish I was wrong with my prediction, which I mentioned to anybody who would listen, that once COVID starts to lift, these cowardly shooters will come out exactly in tandem with the number of vaccinations. You can be sure they probably got vaccinated. They were just scared to come out, and they’re coming back, and you see the numbers don’t lie. The shootings are up dramatically, skyrocketing, actually, on active shootings throughout the United States as we come through this pandemic. It’s really terrifying stuff.

I’m sure the grieving families are rushing to blame the vaccines for this horrible loss. After all, what’s that old NRA saying? Guns don’t kill people, people who have been vaccinated kill people?

I don’t know about you, but in my experience, people who opt to take the vaccine do so in order to safely return to their favorite activities—and in no such instance did any of those activities include mass murder. The worst thing I’ve heard is that someone wanted to go the Wisconsin State Fair this year to see Billy Idol, who is looking more like Michael Myers’ Halloween mask by the day.  

According to The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona, Faulkner didn’t follow up on Brosnan’s risible claim about the vaccinated crawling out of their giant basement larval husks to rain holy terror down on the pure-hearted vaccine resistors among us … but did you really expect her to? You can say any fool thing on Fox News these days and as long as it contributes to the prevailing MAGA narrative, you’ll never be challenged on it. But maybe she could have asked why someone who was fixing to commit suicide by cop would bother to protect themselves against COVID-19. Or why they’d want to help us reach our goal of herd immunity while simultaneously seeking to cull that same herd.

In fact, a mass shooter taking out a few fellow citizens has a lot more in common with an anti-vaxxer who doesn’t give a shit about spreading disease and death than with people who are doing all they can to end a devastating pandemic.

But hey, the longer you listen to nonsense, the more it will start to sound rational. Cult leaders have always known this—and this is one doozy of a cult we’re dealing with.

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