Jen Psaki feeds Peter Doocy crow for Thanksgiving after he asks about Biden’s holiday plans





DOOCY: “The president said today that he was sent here to look out for these working and middle-class families who are strained right now, so what should they read into him leaving now at this time of great personal financial hardship for so many to go to Nantucket for the week?”

PSAKI: “Well, first I would say, Peter, that I hope you’re spending time with your family, I’m spending time with my family, I hope everyone in here is spending time with their family. This is a time to put politics aside, spend time with your loved ones, and talk about what you’re grateful for. I will also tell you from spending some time working for this president and past presidents that you are president no matter where you are.”

Good God. Do these hacks remember Donald Trump spending more time on the golf course during his misrule than most professional greenskeepers? Do they recall that Trump basically gave up being president for two and a half months while he desperately tried to find a way to illegitimately keep the job he wasn’t doing?

I sure as shit do. But, sure, let’s crucify Biden for jonesin’ for pumpkin pie.

It’s likely that even Peter Doocy knows better than this, but he also knows that his viewers will believe anything his network reports about Democrats, so long as it’s incendiary and libelous.

And even if we’re to believe Trump kept his nose to the grindstone (or to the ground Adderall, perhaps) during his tenure, what exactly did he have to show for it other than a cratered economy and net negative job creation? In four years, Trump couldn’t get an infrastructure bill off the tarmac, despite having complete control of Congress for two of those years. Biden launched his own middle-class job-creating infrastructure plan in just 10 months—and he’s not done yet

So that’s what Joe Biden will be doing in Nantucket this week, Peter: Taking a well-deserved rest.

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