Loki Director Kate Herron Confirms That Loki Is Bisexual in the MCU – E! Online


A lot of things about Loki may be a mystery, but his sexuality is no longer one of them.

In the latest episode of Disney+’s Loki, the character, played by Tom Hiddleston, confirmed that he’s into both princesses and princes in a convo with his new friend Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). Sylvie is, as far as we know so far, a lady variant of Loki, known in the comics as Lady Loki. (She might be someone else entirely, but that’s TBD.) She and regular Loki found themselves discussing their romantic lives while they waited out an apocalypse they accidentally found themselves in, and she wondered if, as a prince, Loki had been with “would-be princesses, or perhaps another prince.” 

“A bit of both,” he said. “I suspect the same as you, but nothing ever…” 

“Real?” Sylvie suggested, and Loki just took a big gulp of his drink. 

If that conversation wasn’t enough for you, Kate Herron, who directed the entire series, tweeted about the moment as well. 

“From the moment I joined Loki, it was very important to me, and my goal, to acknowledge Loki was bisexual,” she wrote. “It is a part of who he is and who I am too. I know this is a small step but I’m happy, and heart is so full, to say that this is now Canon in MCU.” 

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