Republican Florida senator hoping to bring back OG diseases like polio, mumps, measles


Florida Republican Sen. Manny Diaz Jr.

Sometimes you have to wonder if Florida Republicans don’t long for the good ol’ days of iron lungs and kids with braces. Forget “Make American Great Again,” today it’s “Make America Sick Again.”

Following in the footsteps of heir Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Senator Manny Diaz Jr., who himself had COVID-19 last winter, says he intends to review the state’s vaccination mandates, including those required in schools. Needless to say, he has not gotten a COVID-19 vaccine and he’s working to help the governor get monoclonal antibody treatments to those who test positive for COVID-19.

According to The Washington Post, the Biden administration intends to take charge of the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatment, vying to use it and give priority to the unvaccinated, which is causing outrage, particularly in Southern states. 

Remember, Florida is the state that passed a bill fining businesses and governments that require proof of COVID-19 vaccines from customers or members of the public.



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