Satirical Piece Explores the Data Warfare on Vaccine


By C.J. Hopkins

So, excellent news, people! It seems that GloboCap’s Genetic Modification Division has give you a miracle vaccine for Covid! It is a fully protected, non-experimental, messenger-RNA vaccine that teaches your cells to provide a protein that triggers an immune response, similar to your physique’s immune-system response, solely higher, as a result of it is made by firms!

OK, technically, it hasn’t been authorized to be used — that course of usually takes a number of years — so I assume it is barely “experimental,” however the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Company have issued “Emergency Use Authorizations,” and it has been “examined extensively for security and effectiveness,” based on Fb’s nameless “truth checkers,” so there’s completely nothing to fret about.

This non-experimental experimental vaccine is actually an historic growth, as a result of other than saving the world from a virus that causes gentle to average flu-like signs (or, extra generally, no signs in anyway) in roughly 95% of these contaminated, and that over 99% of these contaminated survive,1 the probabilities for future functions of messenger-RNA know-how, and the genetic modification of people, typically, is just about limitless at this level.

Think about all of the illnesses we are able to remedy, and all of the genetic “errors” we are able to repair, now that we are able to reprogram individuals’s genes to do no matter we wish — most cancers, coronary heart illness, dementia, blindness, to not point out the widespread chilly! We might even remedy psychiatric problems, like “delinquent character dysfunction,”2 “oppositional defiant dysfunction,”3 and different “conduct problems”4 and “character problems.”5

Who is aware of? In one other hundred years, we are going to in all probability be capable to genetically cleanse the human species of age-old scourges, like racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, etcetera, by reprogramming everybody’s faulty alleles, or implanting some sort of nanotechnological neurosynaptic chips into our brains.

People Irrationally Proof against Company Redesign

The one factor standing in our means is individuals’s completely irrational resistance to letting firms redesign the human organism, which, clearly, was slightly poorly designed, and thus is weak to all these horrible illnesses, and emotional and behavioral problems. However I am getting just a little forward of myself.

The necessary factor for the time being is to defeat this common-flu-like pestilence that has no important impact on age-adjusted demise charges,6 and the mortality profile of which is kind of an identical to the conventional mortality profile,7 however which has nonetheless left the worldwide corporatocracy no selection however to “lock down” the complete planet, plunge hundreds of thousands into determined poverty, order everybody to put on medical-looking masks, unleash armed goon squads to raid individuals’s properties, and in any other case remodel society right into a pathologized-totalitarian nightmare.

And, after all, the one means to do this (i.e., save humanity from a flu-like bug) is to coercively vaccinate each single human being on the planet Earth!8

OK, you are in all probability considering that does not make a lot sense, this campaign to vaccinate the complete species in opposition to a comparatively customary respiratory virus, however that is simply since you are nonetheless considering critically. You actually need to cease considering like that. As The New York Occasions simply identified, essential considering is not serving to.9

In truth, it could be symptomatic of a kind of “problems” I simply talked about above.10 Important considering results in “vaccine hesitancy,” which is why firms are working with governments to right away censor any and all content material that deviates from the official Covid-19 narrative11 and deplatform the authors of such content material,12 or discredit them as “anti-vax disinformationists.”13

For instance, Youngsters’s Well being Protection14 has been reporting on so-called “adversarial occasions” and deaths in reference to the Covid vaccines, even if, based on the authorities, “there are not any security issues with the vaccines”15 and “there is no such thing as a hyperlink between Covid-19 vaccines and people who die after receiving them.”16

In truth, based on the “fact-checkers” at Reuters, these purported “reviews of adversarial occasions” “might comprise data that’s incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental, or unverifiable”!17

Loss of life Reviews Lure Folks Into ‘Vaccine Hesitancy’

Sure, you are studying between the traces proper. The company media cannot come proper out and say it, nevertheless it seems the “anti-vax disinformationists” are fabricating “adversarial occasions” out of entire material and hacking them into the VAERS database18 and different such methods all over the world.

Worse, they’re someway infiltrating these made-up tales into the mainstream media with the intention to lure individuals into “vaccine hesitancy” and cease us from vaccinating each man, girl, and little one within the bodily universe,19 repeatedly, on an ongoing foundation, for so long as the “medical consultants” deem vital. Listed below are only a few examples of their handiwork:

In Norway, 23 aged individuals died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.20 Nevertheless, based on Reuters’ “fact-checkers,” it seems, outdated individuals simply die typically, particularly in nursing properties, from a wide range of causes, until they have not been vaccinated, by which case they positively died of Covid, no matter what they really died of.

For instance, a 99-year-old man affected by dementia and emphysema, who examined damaging for the virus thrice, was added to the “Covid deaths” figures21 as a result of a nursing house physician “assumed” it was Covid (which GloboCap has expressly instructed22 him to do).

In Germany, 13 of 40 residents of 1 nursing house died after being vaccinated,23 however this was only a “tragic coincidence,” which had completely nothing to do with the vaccine.

In Spain, in one other “tragic coincidence,” 46 nursing house residents who acquired the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine died inside the course of 1 month.24 An extra 28 of the 94 residents and 12 employees members subsequently examined constructive.

In Florida, a wholesome middle-aged physician died from an uncommon blood dysfunction two weeks after receiving the vaccine,25 however, based on the consultants, the sudden onset of this uncommon immunological blood dysfunction (i.e., immune thrombocytopenia) “shouldn’t be interpreted as linked to the vaccine,” and was in all probability only a whole coincidence.

In California, a 60-year-old X-ray technologist acquired a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. A couple of hours later he had bother respiration. He was hospitalized and died 4 days later.26 His widow says she’s not prepared at this level to hyperlink her husband’s demise to the vaccine. “I am not placing any blame on Pfizer,”27 she stated, “or on some other pharmaceutical firm.” So, in all probability simply one other coincidence.

A 78-year-old girl in California died instantly after being vaccinated,28 however her demise was not associated to the vaccine, well being officers assured the general public.

“(She) acquired an injection of the Covid-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer round midday. Whereas seated within the statement space after the injection, [she] complained of feeling discomfort and whereas being evaluated by medical personnel she misplaced consciousness.” Regardless of the sudden demise of his spouse, her husband intends to obtain a second dose.

A former Detroit information anchor died simply in the future after receiving the vaccine,29 nevertheless it was in all probability only a coincidental stroke, which the “regular uncomfortable side effects of the vaccine might have masked.”

Additionally in Michigan, a 90-year-old man died the day after receiving the vaccine,30 however, once more, this was only a tragic coincidence. As Dr. David Gorski defined, “the baseline demise price of 90-year-olds is excessive as a result of they’re 90 years outdated,” which makes good sense, until, after all, they died of Covid, by which case their age and underlying situations make completely no distinction in anyway.

In Kentucky, two nuns at a monastery died, and greater than two dozen others examined constructive, in a sudden “Covid-19 outbreak” that started two days after the nuns had been vaccinated.31 The monastery had been utterly closed to guests and Covid-free as much as that time, however the nuns had been outdated and had “well being points,” and so forth.

In Virginia, a 58-year-old grandmother died inside hours after receiving the vaccine,32 however, as Fb’s “truth checkers” prominently identified, it needed to be simply one other coincidence, as a result of the “vaccines have been examined for security extensively.”

gloucester death

After which there are all of the individuals on Fb sharing their tales of family members who’ve died shortly after receiving the Covid vaccine, who the Fb “truth checkers” are doing their utmost to discredit with their official-looking “fact-check notices.” For instance:

fb post smudged

OK, I notice it is uncomfortable to need to face issues like that (i.e., international firms like Fb implying that these persons are mendacity or are utilizing the sudden deaths of their family members to discourage others from getting vaccinated), particularly in case you’re simply making an attempt to observe orders and parrot official propaganda — even essentially the most fanatical Covidian Cultists33 in all probability nonetheless have a shred of human empathy buried deep of their chilly little hearts.

However there’s an data conflict on, people!34 You are both with the Corporatocracy or in opposition to it! That is no time to get squeamish, or, you realize, publicly exhibit an oz of compassion. What would your mates and colleagues consider you?!

No, report these anti-vaxxers to the authorities, shout them down on social media, swap off your critical-thinking colleges, and get in line to get your vaccination! The destiny of the human species relies on it! And, in case you’re fortunate, perhaps GloboCap will even provide you with one in every of these nifty numerical Covid-vaccine tattoos without spending a dime!

moderna vaccine tattoo

C.J. Hopkins is an award-winning playwright, novelist and political satirist primarily based in Berlin. His performs are printed by Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. His dystopian novel, Zone 23, is printed by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. Volumes I and II of his Consent Factory Essays are printed by Consent Manufacturing facility Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Content material, Inc. He could be reached at or

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