See Rose Byrne Transform Into an Aerobics Queen in First Physical Trailer – E! Online


It’s time to dust off those legwarmers.

On Tuesday, April 27, Apple TV+ released the first trailer for their upcoming dramedy, Physical. The new series, which will premiere June 18, stars Rose Byrne as a housewife turned aerobics queen.

Per Apple TV+, Physical will take viewers back to the “idyllic but fragile beach paradise of sunny 1980s San Diego.” The half-hour comedy will follow Byrne’s Sheila Rubin as she begins to reject her dutiful housewife role and discovers her inner lifestyle guru.

“But behind closed doors, Sheila has her own darkly funny take on life she rarely lets the world see,” the description teased. “She’s also battling a complex set of personal demons relating to her self-image…that is, until she finds release through the unlikeliest source: the world of aerobics.”

In the new trailer below, Sheila appears to come to life as she stumbles upon an aerobics class. Eventually, it seems, she transforms this passion into a full-blown workout empire. She even declares in a voiceover, “Only you have the power to change you. Are you ready to change?”



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