The New Faces of Pride: Good Girls Star Isaiah Stannard Shares Why Harry Styles Is His Queer Hero – E! Online


With the world slowly beginning to come out on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic, this Pride season is one of tremendous celebration. And yet, the spirit of a movement itself born out of a protest lives on. As the month of June comes to a close and International Pride Day nears, E! News has asked some of Hollywood’s newest generation of LGBTQ stars to share what Pride means to them in 2021.

Welcome to The New Faces of Pride.

Crediting series such as FX’s groundbreaking drama Pose and HBO’s Euphoria, Isaiah Stannard would agree “there’s slowly more representation and better representation” of trans stories on screen. “I think Hollywood is changing,” he noted in an interview with Brut, “but there’s a long way to go.”

Among the slivers of inspiration: His storyline on NBC’s Good Girls

Writers were originally seeking a male actor to play Ben, the cisgender son of Mae Whitman‘s Annie. When the call was open to actors of all genders, 16-year-old Isaiah—assigned female at birth and going by Izzy at the time—nailed it in one audition. Shortly after, he found out he was trans—which is when inspiration struck.



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