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One of the complicating factors was the fact that it was “really hard” to keep their accessories and wellness company Pratt Daddy thriving during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

“We put everything into [it],” Heidi said. “It’s kind of a luxury business for a lot of people, and people are buying essentials, you know, food and water. So, for us, that took a lot of our focus.” 

As Spencer, 37, joked during their chat with E! News, “We should have been selling toilet paper that had crystals in the toilet paper!”

In addition to a shift in their business strategy, Spencer explained that their social life took a hit, as they stayed at home throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Now that nightlife is opening back up again, he admitted he’s partying like it’s “the end of the world.” 

Describing the new season of The Hills reboot, he noted, “That is a big difference from other seasons. Like, yeah, I always partied, but this time it was like, ‘I can freaking—I am letting loose partying.'” According to Spencer, “There’s definitely more alcohol than ever.”

Tune in for the big bash on MTV on May 12.



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